Appleton Tower

Not an emergency ...

... but a chance to try out this blog, created a year ago ... just in case ...

Further information will be posted here if gales are forecast.

The message below was sent today, at 2008-02-19T172745Z, to all staff and students. It is particularly relevant to those who use the Appleton Tower. Its purpose is to explain the context of maintenance work that will be carried out on the Tower over the next few weeks.

Preparatory work for maintenance of the Appleton Tower has revealed some issues relating to the external cladding which require attention. Professional structural engineering and health and safety advice has been taken, and whilst there is no immediate danger the University's senior management has decided to take a very cautious approach to dealing with the situation.
Therefore, the maintenance programme has been accelerated and will commence shortly: it will initially be conducted from inside the building, will include routine monitoring for asbestos (a necessary precaution in all such work) and will unfortunately but inevitably cause some disruption to users. As a precaution, netting will be placed on the outside of the building.
This programme will last several weeks. Whilst it is underway, the building will be closely monitored and at times of very high winds it may be necessary to limit its use or vacate it, especially the upper storeys, as a precautionary measure.
All users of the building can be assured that in normal circumstances the Appleton Tower can be used without restriction. Only if there are very high winds is it possible that there may be some risk, but the monitoring regime put in place, both in respect of the forecast wind strength and the building structure, would provide early warning enabling appropriate precautionary action to be taken, according to the circumstances.
Staff and students will be kept informed of developments, and meanwhile should go about their normal activities.

Melvyn Cornish, University Secretary

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