Contingency Plans for Pandemic Flu

Planning for the worst; hoping for the best

Earlier this year, I and a number of Informatics staff attended a "Pandemic Flu Desk Top Exercise" organised by the University's Health and Safety Department. This and similar meetings with other schools contributed to the development of the University's Pandemic Flu Contingency Plan, which was published last month.

The University will endeavour to continue to operate throughout a pandemic.

The current WHO phase of pandemic alert is 3 (as seen from Google's cache, dated 26 Apr 2009 11:15:19 GMT, of the WHO site which is currently unreachable). Raising it to level 4 “would be a very serious signal that countries ought to be dusting off pandemic plans,” according to Dr. Keiji Fukuda, deputy director general of the W.H.O.

The US government site for avian and pandemic flu information is accessible, as is the UK Department of Health Pandemic Flu site.

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Perdita Stevens said...

Please don't anyone base decisions on WHO not having raised the Pandemic Alert Level. It's clear that their definition of Level 3 (any of them!) is not satisfied and has not been for weeks: that is, the level is not a model of the current situation.

Individuals might like to visit http://www.getpandemicready.org
for preparation information, and
for informed and measured commentary on the unfolding situation.