Swine flu - global threat raised

The World Health Organisation's emergency committee raised the pandemic threat level for swine flu tonight from phase three to phase four.

A pandemic is not inevitable. However, this action is intended as a signal that we should strengthen our preparations for flu.

The University's Pandemic Flu Contingency Plan includes a basic planning checklist for individuals and families.

Members of the school should also consider how they may continue to work from home should this become necessary.

If a pandemic develops, tactical decisions on restriction of gatherings or closures of buildings or venues may be made with little or no notice.

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Florance Kennedy said...

I would like to suggest that staff be encouraged to check this blog regularly for the most up to date information on the pandemic, rather than relying on email. I have however found it difficult to start a new thread, so it is not intuitive despite being Google. Eventually noticed a 'comment' box!